Found 22nd Dec 2007
I am so mad, just had a delivery from Asda and half of it is missing.
Had to wait 3 hrs and then because of all the missed of items, they have put the delivery charge of £5.00 back on.
What a joke, never again


Just ring up Customer Services and explain what's happened (nicely at first, sound upset) - they'll waive the delivery charge because of their botch up, it's not your fault after all is it? You made the order in good faith. And if you push it, they'll probably give you something like a gift voucher if it was Christmas presents or Christmas food 'cos Lordy they don't want any of this to get out do they?

If you don't get anywhere with this approach then turn firm and mean and demand to speak to the supervisor/manager etc and insist on some sort of compensation for your ruined order. There's no time to get it right now with Christmas only a few days away - eh?

Good luck but I'll be surprised if you need it, the big supermarkets are usually falling over themselves to set a good example!

My Asda order's being delivered tomorrow & I excpect half of it to be missing :lol:

I got my Tesco's order today and everything was there, only 3 substitutions, which were fine. I tried Asda once and they called me to say they were going to be about 5 hours late, so told them not to bother and never used them again.

I recommend Tesco's.

If they did that to me at this time of year and I have to go out shopping for missing items.

I would pass ASDA and drop it all back to them and cancel the order on my way to another super market.

i had a tesco delivery this morning - to my surprise only 1 substitute! well impressed,

have an Asda one due in the morning, i did this to ensure i could get anything missed by tesco, plus Asda always charge the original price for any subs that cost more lol

ive had late deliveries from Asda 3 times, once at 10 at night when my slot was by 8, my icecream and other frozen bits had defrosted, i got the cost of all items and delivery charge refunded, the other times just delivery refunded, Tesco have never delivered late for me as far as i remember, were early once tho :lol:

HOT UK DEALS has saved me a small fortune,and made me lots of Tescos club points,I always check here for Tesco vouchers, there are three on here now for £7 off your next order for £70.This offsets the delivery charge.
You can also select to have your shopping delivered without all the carrier bags and gain a few extra clubpoints.
While Asda may be a little cheaper on a few of their products,they never have many bogof items.
The last weeks shop had no subs,Well done Tescos.

Well ASDA annoy me for their poor customer service as well. My missus found some glass in a curry we bought from there, I sent it to their CEO (recorded delivery), with a nice letter and have heard nothing back. This was well over a month ago. People will vote with their feet before long...

This thread got me worried, but my order was fine

Arrived on time, nothing missing, 1 substitute. Substituted 8 garlic bread slices with cheese, for 2 packs of 9 garlic bread slices. Not sure why they sent 2 packs, but they price matched so I am pleased got a free pack of sweetcorn wheels too (charged for 1, delivered 2)

Depends how close to Christmas it is. You have to remember that supermarkets are undoubtedly busy over Chrismas, and there will be things you can't get because they've run out of them already - just the same as they would have been if you had actually gone into the shop yourself. Shopping online doesn't guarantee the items will be in stock!
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