Grrrrrr crappy O2....

I left Orange when my mobile contract with them expired about 2 months ago because a) even though i was a high volume user with regular monthly bills of £200+ they refused to give me any discounts and b) their selection of handsets were pretty crap at the time.

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get an iPhone on O2 with a £75+ a month contract.

Almost immediately i realised how slow their web connection was, but I was adamant they were in the middle of a HSDPA network upgrade and i mostly used wifi so it didnt bother me much.

But lately their network seems to be crashing a lot where by on my phone it says i have full reception, but i cant make or receive calls or text messages this happens usually at night, but because i am awake it affects me a lot, and i dont realise its happened till i get a bombardment of text messages from people querying where i am and why my phone is off or unreachable.

I finally got fed up last night and called customer services earlier to complain and basically i was told tough luck. The agent i spoke to told me their smallprint in their terms and conditions stated that i would not be guaranteed reception, but surely that means their contract is not fit its purpose.

I am tempted to pay up the rest of my 18 month contract, but then i feel i am letting them get away with fraud,
Is there any where i can complain to or anything i can do?
Rant over


With the announcment of the iPhone coming to Orange and Vodafone, I understand nearly 30,000 iphones may be returned to o2 during the 14 day or maybe 28 day period....

If T-Mobile and Orange merge the Orange iPhone will be a great phone and coverage will be ace.…tml

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There was a guy recently it was on the news, he actually took the phone … There was a guy recently it was on the news, he actually took the phone company to court for this reason to get out of the contract and won plus expenses, can't remember what network it was.

Was this in the UK ? Any idea what network?
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