grrrrrrr msn down

    is it just me or anybody else unable to get on


    all ok here sassie

    fine for me

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    just me then, i get error code 81000306

    Error 81000306: You cannot sign in to Windows Live Messenger
    You may not be able to sign in because of one of several problems, such as your proxy settings, the DNS cache, or a firewall (A security feature designed to help protect a computer from unauthorized external access. It can be hardware, software, or both.) . Before working through the steps below, confirm that you're connected to the Internet by visiting another website.

    To troubleshoot the problem:
    Clear the Windows Live Messenger proxy settings

    1. Start Messenger.
    2. Select Tools, and then click Options.
    3. Under Connection, click Advanced Settings.
    4. Delete the entries under SOCKS.
    5. Click OK, and then click OK again.

    If your computer is running Windows XP, clear the DNS resolver cache

    1. On the taskbar, click Start, and then click Run.
    2. Type cmd, and then click OK.
    3. At the command prompt, type ipconfig/flushdns, and then press ENTER.

    If you're still unable to sign in to Messenger

    1. Check your firewall settings:
    1. Go to the MSN Web Messenger website.
    2. Click Start MSN Web Messenger, and then try to sign in.

    If you can sign in to MSN Web Messenger, but Windows Live Messenger still can't access the Internet, Windows Live Messenger may be blocked by a firewall. You may need to add MSNmsgr.exe to your firewall's allow list. See your firewall's documentation or website for more information on how to add MSNmsgr.exe to your allow list.
    2. A dial-up connection may be timing out. Wait a few minutes, and then try to sign in again.
    3. If your computer is part of a corporate network, contact your network administrator to make sure that the network allows access to the Messenger service.
    4. Make sure your antivirus or antispyware programs don't conflict with Messenger.

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    how do i delete the socks

    get boardband :lol:.


    how do i delete the socks

    Put them in the washing machine...?

    mine always go missing from there...

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    restarted lappy and it ok now, had trouble connecting to the net earlier, so maybe a blip with that, thanks guys

    You must be still having trouble with it sassie.. It's showing you off line on mine..:whistling:

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    You must be still having trouble with it sassie.. It's showing you off … You must be still having trouble with it sassie.. It's showing you off line on mine..:whistling:

    thats cause i aint on
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