GT Aggressor XC 3 Mountain Bike 09 20" or Carrera Vengeance Race Mountain Bike - 20"

Found 8th Jan 2011
which of these is better for the money cant choose between the two. mostly going to be just travelling to uni and out with my son. little if no off road.…499



Carrera Vengeance get's my vote

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i say hardly no off road but i would like the option to go off road. thats why i am looking at a mountain bike. can anyone in the know compare the two and recommend the best or even a better bike for arounf the £250 mark

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Carrera wins on spec, GT wins on quality. I think the vengeance frame is a bit long for an mtb, doesnt look quite right, but the GT frame is tried and tested and easily the better of the 2.
As for which one to go for, depends on what is important.

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cheers shanrcr will just try both out and go with whats most comfortable.
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