GT BMX

    Well Xmas is coming and my 13 year old son is after a GT BMX

    To be fair he does not care how good it is as long as its a GT

    So i'm looking for the cheapest i can find is £175 with delivery so far


    before you do buy m8,consider this-does he just want the bike to ride around with his friends,or does he want it to go to the local bike arena/jump ramps/do stunts etc? If he wants to get into serious bmxing,these are no good,and will fall apart if he is doing ramps/jumps etc.

    175 quid is a lot of money,but you wont get a decent proper bmx bike for that kinda money Im afraid. If its just for riding like a normal bike with his mates then its fine tho.

    is he after anything in particular on the bike gyro, small sprocket etc or is it just any GT bike at all?…011 this one is a 2011 bike £199.99 plus £3.99 postage so £203.98 delivered not bad for 2011 bike i dont think.
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