GT5 fw 1.05

    Comes in at a hefty 608MB

    Says 45 minutes to update the game

    At this rate with updates the hdd won't be big enough

    Details of update in next post


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    Cool pic never noticed it myself ,

    Amount money you make a race has increase

    One race was 87,000 now 99,000 as an example

    thanks for the heads up, just gonna update now in case I fancy a few races later!
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    What is wrong with PS3 updates? I swear, whenever I want to play a game I have to do an update that takes several minutes. Partly why I buy everything on the Xbox.

    Minutes . You're lucky. My dsl and many others means hours

    mine updated in about 35 minutes which wasnt too bad. The seasonal events is a nice touch some big experience and credits on offer but the races are pretty hard to get anyway near the front. only got silver on 2 and gold on 1 (Dodge challenger indy course race)

    Apparently there is now XP for online play also which is a good thing!


    You would think it would be a 10gig plus download - a whole new game!

    Already sold my copy, got bored with it.
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