GTA 4 Gameplay


If anybody wants to see how GTA 4's gameplay is go to they are playing the game on a live feed.

Obviously you need to be aware there may be spoilers


Saw the intro and first mission, looks awesome.

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I've seen some awesome bits watching this guy, a cop hanging onto the side of the stolen police car being dragged along and a swat chase.

Damn thing's not working now, the forum bit on the right says someone swapped the feed for a porno and they've shut it down! Really wanted to see gat4! Hope they put it back up.

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Really? I've still got it running on my pc

Just open the site and wait it sometimes is a blank screen saying loading on the Live Channels

Weird, i'm watching right now :lol:

anybody have a direct link then, don't know what i stumbled across? :oops:

I went here:…do1

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Just go


Then wait for the live channel feed to load.

am not going to watch it. im waiting untill i can play it on tuesday

Thanks! :thumbsup:

Wish he'd give up on the poxy bowling and go kill some people and stuff :lol: Boring as hell.

Just seen him crash a police car and go flying through the windscreen :lol: Pretty funny to watch...
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