Found 12th Jul 2009
Who actually got this working and how?

Mine freezes/stalls on startup just past the money.

Tried d/l from various places same issue....

Cyclone + R4DS carts


yeah i had problem with my r4 card and it as well, but ive got a working copy now, but couldnt tell you where i got it from now im afraid!

Had no issues with mine on CycloDS.

Theres a different copy for each card believe it or not.


Theres a different copy for each card believe it or not.




well at the time when i had mine, this was around 3 months back. One of worked in an R4 but wouldnt work in the TTDS so i had to download a different one for that and my friend couldnt use neither for his edge!! so heher had to get another one. Unless its changed now.

Original Poster

Iv sorted it now

What MarzBarz said is partially true actually...

Cyclo ds cart required to be flashed to the latest flash which is 1.54

If i want it on my R4 cart i need to download a patched copy of gta for it to work.

yeah i just bought it in the end GREAT GAME (o:
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