GTA IV

    cant beat the qub3d high score any got any tips on how do do it

    im colour blind thats why i find it hard so it might be better for me just to get a mate to do it


    Ooh a GTA4 thread.

    im not colour blind and first go i got 500 poitns short of achievement so i never attempted again lol

    im guessing if your colour blind it could be a hard task.. just keep playing it, i got it on my 2nd go its not hat hard

    where is the brb playing gta man gone to?


    Ooh a GTA4 thread.

    at least it isn't another congrats thread :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    i just have qub3d and one random person to meet who wont appear to get 100%

    Just try keep the columns one colour, it's pretty easy, got it on my first try *smug*
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