GTA IV - Gameplay Lifespan

Only aiming this question to people who have actually played the game.

I know there is a lot to do in GTA but do you find the game repetitive and can only it in small doses?

Only asking because I've found myself going back to COD4.

Don't get me wrong GTA IV is a great game, but its same old, same old...

I'm 25% through it, with 12 hours play, heh thats mainly because I get side tracked and play darts/pool and still want my turkey but haven't managed to get it yet.


From the recent video reviews and such now circulating the main story line is about 30-45 hours play, this does not include any side quests and such, also FYI the DLC for the X360 will be about 10 hours play each.


Personally I love the GTA series and haven't bored of them, I tend to structure my game play with them though to keep me from wandering into boredom, usually by doing a few hours of storyline then a few hours of sides quests then storyline again to keep me engaged, its always worked for me.

I tend to end up spending most of my time trying to get away from tanks! Haven't tired of Vice City but didn't like San Andreas much...


I thought the game had a massive multiplayer scene to add longevity?

I never really liked the GTA games for exactly this reason. They just got a bit boring and repetitive for me. I liked the PSP versions, but i think that was because i only played it in short bursts, like on a bus, lunch break in work etc.

I didn't tire of playing GTA III and Vice City, but got bored of playing San Andreas properly on the PS2.

I did eventually get it again for the PC and did a lot of graphical mods so it looked superb and also used the 360 pad to play.
The multiplayer mod was good fun too. I simply don't think the story/character was strong enough to keep me interested.

Have high hopes for GTA IV being a return to form.
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