GTA V on ps3 issue


    I have an issue with my GTA V on ps3

    Basically I downloaded from PSN store when it first came out, my ps3 later suffered the YLOD and now it doesn't turn on anymore it's completely dead aswell as having fan issues.

    Iv recently bought a 12gb ps3 and iv tried to download GTA V using the same PSN account but it doesn't work, as it tells me I have to delete the game off the other PS3 in order to download on the current working one I have.

    Is there something I can do about this? The broken ps3 doesn't switch on at all.

    Hope someone can help out!



    You have to deactivate all systems. If you choose the old PS3, it will say go deactivate it on there. Please note you can only do this every 6 months.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, got it all sorted. Also upgraded my 12gb to a 320gb. Now I can enjoy playing GTA V again.

    Again, thanks guys and have a good night!
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