GTA V story mode - I'm stuck

Posted 5th Jan 2015
Ok, I have googled for answers to this but none of the suggestions have worked.

PS4 gta V I started the story mode and didn't have a character choice - it starts me off with Franklyn.
I'm stuck on level two, no more missions, contacts all go to voicemail, I can't add cash to the bank, it only allows
me to view my accounts even at the atm, I can't even re-do the last mission.

I can't access the property website as it says it's down for maintenance.
Saving and re-loading make no difference, re-loading an old saved session also make no difference - although I can do some missions again.

I've read that changing character should help, but the only option I have is to switch to my online Franklin character.

I've also tried starting again - same thing, I can't change character.

Do I need to go on to the social club and join a crew?

Any other suggestions? I would post on the Rockstar website but it doesn't look likely I'll get a reply from their support.
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