Found 28th Apr 2008
Bit of a regret I didn't pre-order a few months back when it was available on Game.

Does anyone know where I can order it online?


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Are you serious?

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I am, I was determind to wait till after my exams to get it, just can't wait =X

I read in a previous thread "people have been posting loads of threads", I've read through but nothing on linkage to sites.

no pre-order will be delivered tomorrow

you'll have to go shop around


I am in the same position but instead of pre-ordering, I would like it on release data (2moz). Hopefully it will be instock as I am going in the morning (not at midnight). I tried pre-ordering today from woolworths but they said it is unavailable. They also said that there should be some in stock. Good luck with getting yours.

Asda currently have the cheapest instore price

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Thanks for response, I don't mean pre-order, although it'd be called that today. I'll just wait I'm in no rush tbh, exams and all…ad/

Go to discussion thread please.

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