Found 19th Aug 2016
Hi guys, I have settled on a GTX 1060. I have found half decent prices for two models/brands and was wondering, in your opinion which one is 'better'. I know very little about GPU's so was looking for your input. Thanks very much.

The first is this Gigabyte GTX 1060;…wcB

The second is this Asus GTX 1060;…wcB

Don't be off put by the price difference. I can get both for around 235. Thanks very much.


From my own experiences, I have had a problem with a Gigabyte card (artifacts at stock clocks, and random freezes). Asus on the other hand, never had a problem with, if you can afford it the Strix 1060 has a triple fan cooler setup and is better for custom overclocking or just running quieter at factory OC speeds.
I'd just stay away from the stock cooler options; firstly for the loud fan and relatively high temps compared to a good cooler, and secondly because they use extension wiring from the PCB to the PCIE socket so adding a custom or water cooler is not simple or pretty if you were that way inclined.

I got a Palit for £250 from ebuyer with a decent heatpipe cooler and twin fans which is next to silent at pretty much stock clocks, I'd suggest one of these if they're cheaper now
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