GTX 460 OR ATI 6850?

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Found 15th Mar 2011
As title says, both same price. Thanks for any help.

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I don't think you can go far wrong with either one really. I think the 6850 uses less power so if crossfire is an option later on and you don't have a big power supply it might be worth thinking about. I went for the 6850 a week or so ago personally. I have yet to use it though. If you were to crossfire the 6850 I know it scales better than the 460 in SLI. Go for the best deal!

Which of the 2 cards you are looking at has the better cooler? I would ask myself that and choose on the basis of that.
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hi, thanks for your help, the 460 has better cooler.

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Ordered 460. Thanks for help

For anyone else who needs help comparing graphics cards I always use…php shows that the 6850 is currently the best buy in its price range

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revieved 460 a few days ago, Great card. Thanks for help
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