GU10 Energy Saving Light Bulb

    I am looking to replace my 50W halogen GU10 light bulbs with something a bit more energy efficient. I've searched around the internet and found two possible alternatives: LED and CFL. The issue here is that I am after something that is as close as possible to 50w however some of the reviews on Amazon have put me off buying particular brands.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.


    TBH I have tried both CFL and LED replacements - neither have been close to the halogen 50w output. I get the feeling that the form factor is just too small to fit enough leds or fluorescent tube into to get the light output. In the end I went for a GU10 - small screw fitting adaptor (DX have them for around £1 if you can wait) and fitted an 11w standard CFL but it depends on your fitting and whether it will look right/fit.



    I've looked for some energy saving replacements for my GU10's as I have 10 Sylvania 75 watt bulbs in my kitchen!

    I went to toolstation as asked them to get out several different makes of the GU10 enery saving bulbs so I could compare & unfortunately for me there was nothing that was suitable, they were either too long in length, meaning they wouldn't be flush with the ceiling as they are now or not wide enough in the diameter of the bulb & so there would be a big gap around the edge, there are different size GU10 bulbs though, mine are High Spot ES63 if you have these you might struggle to find something suitable, if not then take your bulb to toolstation or somewhere similar, they were very helpful trying to find me something suitable.
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