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Looking for some GU10 LED light bulbs and not sure which ones are any good? Would want the bright! I have looked on eBay and there is 1000's so any help would be great, need probably 10. Also not looking to spend the earth, but that is not important.

Thanks in advance.


I use the ones from Home Bargains. £3.50 each. Very bright. 2 different styles too

home bargain top led and 2 for £5 very bright . in the last year i have upgraded to led all around the house about 60 bulbs now seen today a new bigger range including E14 ,E27 MR11 all led

800 lumens is = 50watts roughly so look out for that figure. I found the word bright white led light rated at 120 lumens which is so dim. I think the best deal you can get with lots of lumens for brightness.

Can I replace normal bulbs with leds if I have a dimmer switch? I've got e14 candle bulbs which I need to replace with leds. Problem is, light switch is a dimmer switch and heard I'd need a specific dimmer switch for leds.

You'll need dimmable LEDs to work with a dimmer switch, otherwise the switch may end up knackered. Also, make sure the existing lights are 240V... if they are 12V the drivers will need to changed to LED drivers. Be careful buying these bulbs off ebay as some are cheap chinese copies. Just because it has a CE and RoHS sticker on them doesn't mean they are compliant. Best buying from reputable sellers.

dont get ebay ones as can be lethal and might burn your house down, stick with branded ones

we got ours from homebase, they will tell you on the box the equivalent on normal watts

TCP from home base are good. they have 5W -50W (5led) versions not the 5w 40w(4led version)
though either are food to be honest, first I've had that have not blown, They use nichia LEDs.

yes you can get dimmable versions if you need them, just read and check.

the TCP are cheaper in Homebase than Amazon, currently 20% off too.

I have some aldi/lidl gu5.3 and they are good too.

also I think our candle bulbs are TCP.

out big light bulbs are IKEA and there Hugh boyonet led bulb 1000lumen bright thing and working nicely.

not tried their gu10 but they have some 400lumen 7W ones.

As a rule of thumb you need 10 lumens of light to illuminate 1 square foot of floor space, assuming a ceiling height of circa 8ft. So if you have a room 10ft by 10ft, that equates to 100 sq ft = 1,000 lumens of light source.

If anyone sees any dimmable led candle lights let us know will ya... Ta

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Thank you for all you help I will have a look around town tomorrow and avoid ebay

think tesco have an offer on them at moment as well

I bought 10 in a box for £20 at Asda .They are the TCP ones ,excellent too .I've been buying different ones for a while , some are rubbish and had to be returned , Poundland ones were dim , DiscountUK ones were yellow with some led's not working .
TCP are the best yet.

Just changed some g9s (15) from halogen to LED and have some dimmable b22s on the way. my next leccy bill should be interesting

Not gonna bother searching but Amazon has always sufficed.

The ones Home Bargains sell are fantastic. I have E12 and B22 ones from there and they are much brighter than their regular watt bulb equivalents. I believe they have GU10 too but depends on the stock in the store. Well worth the money.

FYI there are currently SMD LED type GU10 bulbs available on Groupon. Most expensive option (depending on quantity) is £3.98.

Great price but the only problem is that they haven't specified Lumens output. However I've ordered some and will be happy to report back on how good/bad they are.

UPDATE: the bulbs off Groupon are great. 395 lumens, non lensed.
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