GUAGE INTEREST IN SELLING MY PC + other components

    Well i am thinking about selling my pc and getting a macbook to downsize a bit. I was just wondering what everyone thinks i could get for it? i built it myself last year for gaming but in truth it has been used for internet only really.

    I did a lot of research before building it to get the best components for the best prices, i think it is quite a good system and if someone is looking for a pc 100x better than a crap dell deal then it might be a good deal for them.

    anyway heres the spec - if theres no interest then i will probably keep it in the attic for the future.

    case - antec sonata super silent…602

    mobo - msi p35 neo2…635

    HD - samsung spin point 500gb…tml

    CPU- 2.4ghz C2Quad g0 stepping…950

    RAM 2x1GB OCZ platinum…755

    And a bog standard DVD multidrive cost £20 16x write speed.

    Windows Vista home premium -…785

    Will listen to sensible offers but looking for somewhere over £400 delivered.

    I also have the following stuff -

    Razer deathadder gaming mouse…Mac - Looking for £25

    19' Dell LCD screen - Looking for £50

    2.1 Dell Speakers - Offers or free with the screen/pc.


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    Thanks for the report.

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    ok thanks mate i wasnt sure where to put it thought it would be ok in FS

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    Are you in Glasgow by any chance (Celtic Crest):thumbsup: I would be interested in buying some things from you if you are willing to sell components separately! I have just built a PC and would like to add some better bits and bobs to it. What heatsink do you have, the stock intel heatsink/fan?

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    im in inverness mate but go down glasgow a bit.

    im thinking of breaking it up and selling seperately.

    what you after? i have the arctic cooller 7 pro fan/heatsink.
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