Guarantee on Faulty Glasses

    I went to the opticians a couple of weeks ago after my glasses seemed to be in a wrong shape. My optician said that the glasses were faulty and he was going to order a replacement from the company (who was based in Italy)

    I got a call last week saying that the glasses have been discontinued and that he only has the same make in another colour which I don't want.

    What I want to know is that if I go and choose another my pair what my rights of getting a similar pair for free, seeing as the pair I purchased (which cost me £80) and has gone faulty?

    Any advice would be most helpful

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    Ive had lots of issues with specsavers and glasses. They have to provide you with a full replacement or refund if the glasses are faulty. I had a problem with some fcuk ones where the arms wobbled too much and they didnt have the same frame in stock so let me choose a new pair for the same price.
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