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Posted 1st Dec 2022
These go for a fortune on eBay. Just bought one as I saw they were in stock in the Nintendo site. I hope it helps someone Zelda fan.
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    is there a way to get the data or card to use in the zelda game without actually having to buy the amiibo? I'm new to Switch
    Yes, you need a type of NFC card called "NFC 215" or "NTAG 215". Would recommend the coin sized ones; can pick up 30 blank ones for ~£12 on Amazon.

    Then you need a way to write the data to the cards. There is an iOS app called Tagmiibo which can do it, and alternatives exist for Android. Once written, the data is permanent so you need a separate tag for each Amiibo.

    But like others say, you can also just buy cards already containing an Amiibo if you prefer.
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    does this get used for specific games i.e. just zelda? or can be used on several games?
    It's main use is in Breath of the Wild, but can be used in other games: nintendo.co.uk/Har…tml
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    I heard this as scrolled by
    Instant panic the moment that piano kicks in!
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    I recently sold mine for £50 since I still had it in the box and I ran out of space for display. Now that it's back in stock, I feel kinda bad, absolutely robbed the guy. (edited)
    Similar. Wasnt planning to sell mine, but saw what they were going for so listed on ebay for £60 thinking if it sells I get £60, if it doesnt I'm more than happy to keep it. Someone bought it two weeks ago. Was actually reluctant when it came to sending it. Just bought a replacement!
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    Well CEX buys for £18.00 cash so that does show this is great
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    If you just want it for display and have a 3D printer, then just print one: thingiverse.com/sea…ant
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    This is a great figure. Got one at launch. Useful in the game and generally looks great on display if you're a Zelda fan. Heat given.
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    This Amiibo is superb! The legs are really strong and poseable!
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    Damn! Added to cart and then OOS when I got to payment.
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    Delivered today. That thing is bigger than I was expecting!
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