Found 5th Jan 2010
meeeeee !!!

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Well if you get bored, you could always build a snowman in the garden.

So are you a teacher or pupil! Are you ill or mitching off?:thumbsup:

Because of snow? bad excuse

nor is BG1, soo there? :thumbsup: x

Off college Guessing it will be off tomorrow aswell. Good in some ways but bad in others. Got my Exams coming up!

Lucky sod, never snowed enough for me to get a day off school when I was a kid. (Little Violins play)

all four of ours are off - secondary school - closed - primary - closed. One day back and off again - fighting, arguing and already bored with building snowmen!

Just what you wanted last night, my kids are off too. We've had at least 10 hours of constant snow and its at least 7 inch thick, most snow we've every had!!!

Ah England, the only country in the world where a tiny bit of snow forces the country to grind to a complete halt.

Original Poster

hehe if i had a garden i would lol

and its high school
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