Guess with Jess!

    My daughter's birthday is soon as she's mad about Jess. Just wondering anyone know places there selling the toys at a good price? I am currently looking around as well.

    Any help would be appreciated



    Don't know about toys but bought my lo a magazine last week think it's called friends or something. It's in with all the night garden and such like on the normal nagazine section and the october one is apparently having a guess with jess phone free with it. It was a peppa pig telescope this time. I know they are usually really expensive but this was only £1.99 and is quite good

    They do some PJ's in m&s if that helps.

    woolworth are still trading on online

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    Thanks for the help. I think i might of seen the guess with Jess toys with 1/3 off in sainsburys, in case any one else is interested. Seems quite popular though so you'd have to move quick.

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