Guest Bed Needed

    The guest bed we had is now officially beyond repair! Soooooo, we need to get a new one before christmas.

    Looking for a good deal on a guest bed, or even just ideas on where to look

    By guest bed, I mean a fold up one with mattress (and cant be one that turns into a chair or something because of where it will be stored)



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    Oh, and need pillows as well if anyone knows of any deals on at the moment

    [COLOR="Purple"]try your local freecycle..[/COLOR]

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    Not an option, the person who will be using it is amazingly fussy - wouldnt sleep on it if his own family had used it, nevermind someone he didnt know!

    Thanks for the suggestion though

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    Any other ideas?

    spoted one at john lewis store its called chair bed look really nice bit dear though aroud 400£mark , also u can check ikea they usually do it you may also try [url][/url]


    some cheaper ones nearer the bottom ,what about a camping bed? (be a lot cheaper) try millets :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the suggestions

    Rep on its way (already repped JO-JO)
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