Guest nicked my usb stick...

    This happened last night. Invited a friend of mine I hadn't seen for nearly a decade. As he was visiting from abroad, he brought a couple along with him for sightseeing in London and the trip to my place. One of the guests, not my friend, went upstairs to the toilet. I noticed later that some of the stuff I keep out there i..e, work pass, usb sticks, loose change, was a bit ruffled. I also noticed that one of the usb sticks was missing. I vividly remember seeing them during the day. I can only attribute this loss to the guest's visit. I did a thorough search for it, but couldn't find it. No others visited our place in the few days leading upto this.

    Now, do I tell my friend or just let it go? It's not the money, but it makes me sick that someone could do something like this. Thankfully, I didn't store any personal stuff on that stick.



    if it was me, i would tell my friend, maybe there nicking off them too

    Dont worry you wont see them for another Decade lol


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    Lol! But, it kinda feels violating to have someone in the house who could do this.

    I wouldn't say anything yet ----- you might find it in a few days


    I wouldn't say anything yet ----- you might find it in a few days


    Call 999 - they'll help.

    But really, let it go unless really valuable and be wary of them . . . .

    Maybe they were looking for your stash...meester gaanja :whistling:


    Maybe they were looking for your stash...meester gaanja :whistling:

    :giggle: that reminded me of Up in Smoke

    I would tell your friend as others have said he could be stealing from them. Why do you keep USB sticks in your bathroom btw?

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    I keep it in the bathroom cos it's easier to take my stuff to work in the morning without disturbing the OH by making any cluttering sounds, etc!

    I knew someone would talk about the stash!

    how many GB's ?

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    8GB and that's the stick...


    8GB and that's the stick...

    ah bummer ay ! ring your friend maybe they will get it back for you...
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