Guide to how to be a new customer repeatedly (£10 off £15 UberEats)

Posted 30th Apr 2021
Please follow steps.

1. To get started you need to get yourself some free sims


2. Sign into an old ubereats account on a mobile phone/laptop or create one with a sim. what you looking for is your unique refer a friend code. copy it.

3. go onto a laptop/PC (NOTE THIS STEP WILL NOT WORK ON MOBILE PHONE!!!!) go on computers browser and go into incognito window/private mode and go

4. sign in, create a new account. use new sim number from step 1. use new email address. if you have gmail you can put + after email to create a new one so is a new email. So is, and so on.

5. go promotions and add your refer a friend code from step 2.

6. use revolut disposable cards to pay for your order. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE PAY WITH A CARD YOU HAVE USED BEFORE ON UBEREATS/UBER. revolut is free app which gives you multiple disposable cards (with your own funds) to pay with.

7. after succesful order you will now notice you have also received £10 off £15 in your account wallet from step 2 ready to use. This code can now safely be used from your own mobile phone.

Might seem complicated but im doing this is all in under a minute. Credit to wakkaday for finnessing some of the steps.
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