Guide to installing custom firmware on the a PSP without a pandora battery

    In this guide I will explain the installation of Desperater del Cementerio v5. This will allow you to install 3.90 M33-3 directly on any PSP, providing that you have a homebrew-enabled PSP to make it on in the first place.

    Next to the normal installation, it will also allow you to unbrick any PSP, and best of all everything is compatible with both the PSP Classic as the PSP Slim.
    If you've already got TimeMachine installed, it will integrate seemlessly, if you don't and want it, we suggest installing it before installing DDCv5


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    What you need?
    PSP Slim or Classic.
    Must be on either 1.50 or any custom firmware.
    USB Cable or memory card reader.
    One PSP battery (Slim or Classic).
    Your battery will be able to be converted back to normal.
    These files:
    ]Despertar del Cementerio v5
    ]Hellcat's Pandora Installer Revision 3
    ]3.90 EBOOT.PBP
    ]3.40 EBOOT.PBP
    ]1.50 EBOOT.PBP

    [COLOR="red"]Converting battery[/COLOR]
    Extract the 'pan3xx3ra.rar' you downloaded to your dekstop.
    Enter the 'pan3xxr3a' folder, and copy 'pan3xx' to X:/PSP/GAME on your memory stick..
    Launch it via GAME > Memory stick.
    Press circle to convert your battery to Pandora.
    When done, press triangle to exit.

    [COLOR="red"]Install DDCv5[/COLOR]
    Extract the downloaded 'dc5.rar' to your dekstop.
    Copy the 'dc5' folder to 'X:/PSP/GAME/'.
    Rename the downloaded EBOOT.PBP's to:
    1.50 EBOOT -> 150.PBP
    3.40 EBOOT -> 340.PBP
    3.90 EBOOT -> 390.PBP
    Copy the renamed EBOOT's to the root of your memory stick.
    If you don't have TimeMachine installed, follow these 2 steps:
    Create a folder called 'TM' on the root of your memory stick.
    Create a file called 'config.txt' in the TM folder, leave it blank.
    Launch the installer from GAME > Memory stick.
    If you start the program and get an error that states there aren't enough sectors available, see here.
    Press cross to start the installation.
    You will be asked to hold what button you want to use for loading DDCv5 on boot later, do so.
    Wait for it to finish, and you're done.

    [COLOR="red"]Using Your Battery[/COLOR]
    Turn off your PSP fully.
    Remove your memory stick.
    Insert your memory stick.
    Start your PSP whilst holding the button you chose during installation.
    Select one of the options!

    Right after you have installed the Custom Firmware on to your PSP, Do get your other battery to work as a normal one again is too follow this part to the letter

    1. Connect your newly modded PSP to the AC - Without the Battery (it will power turn on as normal)
    2. Insert the Memory stick from the Already modded PSP (your mate's PSP)

    once this is done you should then
    1. Insert the make-shift Pandora in the psp - while its is still on
    2. Use the program that you used before to "pardoraized" battery but now select the "Normalize"

    and there you have it, both PSP's should be working fine and have the custom firmware installed.

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    Hope i dont brake any rule in posting this guide but i would just like to give something back to a website that has saved me £100's

    Cheers guys

    Spent all off saturday morning doing this to my cousins psp....

    Think pretty much everything that could of went wrong, did :oops:

    anyway fixed now and immensly satifying watching pandora being installed


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    I Might Try and do a Vid in the next few weeks if its allowed.

    but trust me it works fine as long as you dont not format the format the memory stick from the orginal PSP

    I believe it saves the "Battery Keys" on it and if you lose that your battery will be useless :oops:

    alryt geoneo pal, thansk for this info and hope you posted my thing today lol !

    Original Poster

    lol how are you mate i will be posting today yse mate you should be them wednesday :thumbsup:

    ahhh nice one pal! looking foward to a watch of the old ratatouille lol ! will leave rep and feedback too pal cheers and good nyt from me.

    Original Poster

    nice one dude

    i wonder if i could put a link to this guide a signature?

    I'm sure you could, btw where it says:

    If you start the program and get an error that states there aren't enough sectors available, see here.

    You might wanna edit your post and provide the link (where it says: HERE). :thumbsup:

    EDIT: Yes that site would be allowed here :wink:

    Original Poster

    i will sort out the link tonight.
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