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Found 28th Apr 2018Edited by:"Andrei_Popa"
Hello everyone . I would like to ask some questions for whoever finds himself a guild wars 2 player or a gamer. I'm still in doubt about what laptop to buy to play guild wars 2 in extremely smooth conditions. I've seen some laptops with a price varying from 700-1700. Now I got left behind with gaming and technology and i would need your help . So what is the best laptop that can run Guild Wars 2 with all settings at max. I also need a very good screen as I will use Photoshop as well. And should I buy it now or save some more money till the end of the year maybe something new releases or better deal? And Can you also recommend me a Cheaper laptop that can play the game smooth till I get my hands on the big one ?
Thank you very much.
Best regards.
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