guiness surger

anyone got one of these? and does it really taste like a pint off the pump? also where did you get yours from...


i got one when they first brought them out! hard to find they cans now but they did taste amazing

Got mine when they first come out from Tesco. Best pint outside of a pub. They were discountinued in Jan last year due to not being very popular. They offered me 4 free cans of normal "widget" type if i sent my Surger in. Didn't bother and still have it in my cupboard (to the OH disapproval):roll:

Best pint outside Dublin..:thumbsup: Superb. Far better than the widget.

Cost a lot less to produce the cans of Guiness too - but problem was cost of surger.

I still have a bout 48 cans in the shed (still have a source :whistling:) so its all good here.

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