Guinness 0% and a new Nitro Surge...

Posted 17th Sep 2021
Anyone tried the new Guinness 0%?

I love my Guinness and I'd say this is the closest alcohol free taste of any beer to it's alcoholic original. The head isn't as creamy and there's a bit more fizz (I reckon a tiny bit of CO2 is used) but the overall taste and smell is pretty close to what it should be.

Which brings me onto Guinness' newest gadget, the Nitro Surge.

Only released in Ireland and Northern Ireland but I reckon it will be UK wide after the test markets are finished. I managed to get hold of one today.

I think this will be a BIG seller even if it is a bit of a gimmick. It essentially pours a pint of Guinness like a pub pint. There's no widget in the can instead the head is formed by vibrating the liquid as it goes into the glass.
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