My friend wants to learn to play the guitar........
    Dont want an electric one........
    Must be full size........a PINK one would be a bonus.........
    I have seen them at £20 (reviews say poor build but great for price)...........I dont want to spend too much but dont want to compromise on quality...........and please dont say 'then go spend 40-60..........the reason I am asking you lot is so you can tell me WHER i can spend 40-60 and pick up a decent one, because looks like spending 40-60 will get me the same stuff spending 20-30 at a halfprice or sale place will.............


    ]Acoustic or ]semi acoustic?

    I can fully reccommend gear4music...quidco too.

    Will be cheaper if none pink.

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    was looking for acoustic...........

    silly question coming up............'whats the difference?'

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    steel strings or nylon strings?


    was looking for acoustic...........silly question coming … was looking for acoustic...........silly question coming up............'whats the difference?'

    Basically an acoustic guitar is just a standard guitar like the ones you played at school, a semi is more or less the same but has the ability to be linked up to an amplifier giving it the abilty to be played louder.

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    steel string or nylon strings?

    electric tuner or pitch pipes?

    Look at the Epiphone range of Acoustics. Not in the range of £20 and I dont think pink but certainly excellent build quality as they are actually made by Gibson.

    They also have quite narrow necks which enable new learners to get their fingers comfortably around the strings.

    Best bet in all honesty is to try one of those pawn shop type places, cash converters or some equivalent.

    That is pants, nice find in regards to a pink guitar, but 50 notes for a kids guitar!?

    The trouble with cheap guitars is that they never sound or feel good enough to keep you interested in playing for longer than a week or two Get something half decent or second hand, you can always sell it when the passion for music is gone


    you should never spend less than about £80 on an acoustic guitar

    did you get one in the end? If not i've got one for sale at the minute - ]http//ho…vgc
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