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    My dads mate plays guitar at a very basic level but wants to progress to an electric one

    hes got a grand to spend and wants the best one possible. he intends to keep it for life and will play quite regularly

    anybody guitar nuts out there to point out some good models that he should look at?



    Flecking hell! 1 grand on a guitar for a beginner...He must be loaded

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    Flecking hell! 1 grand on a guitar for a beginner...He must be loaded

    I wouldnt say hes a beginner - but hes not good:whistling:

    yeah hes loaded, has his own law firm

    This is both an easy and hard question to answer. Easy, because we will have our own preferences. Hard, because our preferences might not suit you. Just visit a good guitar shop and spend time handling the guitars. Don't let the sales staff rush you to buy. Only buy when you are perfectly happy with the guitar (and ask for discounts for cash and freebies - strap, strings, picks, bag).

    yeah hes loaded

    Ask him if he'll buy me one too then!

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    Ask him if he'll buy me one too then! [/QUOTE]

    hes loaded but tight

    Tell him to add another 14k to it and buy ]this baby. Its a steal at £14,995. Perfect for any beginner to learn basic chords on. Nah on a serious note I'd reccomend the Fender range as I have been playing both the stratocaster and telecaster models for years. What Genre of music will he be playing?

    Really depends on what type of music he is into, and the style of guitar playing he does.

    Has he got big hands or fat fingers? (This makes all the difference)

    A Rickenbacker is a beautiful guitar but has a very narrow neck (small fingers and hands)
    A Gibson Les Paul has a wider and thicker neck,
    The Gibson SG has a similair neck to the Fender Strat.

    I could go on and on.

    Tell him to find a good Guitar shop and go and play all of them.

    Can't go wrong with a Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, Gretch.

    Chances are he will end up with a Fender Stratocaster or the Gibson LesPaul, two of the most popular guitars in history, But both have a very different sound.

    The only way to choose is to try.
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