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I am going to start learning the guitar and not sure what to get. I want an acoustic and have seen this one in argos.…htm

I am not wanting to spend that much, hence why the £60 price tag is good. I could also get…860 for around £70.

Just wondered which of the two people would suggest for a beginner, or if they could suggest one thats better in the same price region.

I am also not wanting to keep buying guitars as and when I am improve, want one thats decent enough just to have a play on, nothing extreme.



i like the look of the second one more if you go into yout local music shop you might be able to find something my brother got an ecoustic guitar start kit, had a few tyhings with it for £50

On one hand you want to spend very llittle money, but on the other you don't want to buy more guitars as you progress. This is understandable but not really achievable. With musical instruments you gets what you pays for.

Can I advise you go to a good quality music shop and look at their second hand stock? Run-of-the-mill acoustic guitars don' thave a very high resale value, so you would stand a good chance of finding a good quality example for less than, or perhaps the same price as, a new poorer quality model.

You can't go far wrong wtih Yamaha, so I'd look to see if a good quality second hand Yamaha can be found for the £60 or so that you have budgeted. This will avoid your growing out of the thing quickly and having to move up.

Also if you have a friend who has some experience and knows what a good action and resonance is like, take him/her along.

Good luck, and I wish you much success in your endeavours



]This Yamaha looks decent?

this is the one my daughter is savng for, it was recommended by some on here when i asked

pluck it


]This Yamaha looks decent?

I don't know the individual instruments, and I'm purely an electric man, myself. But I do know Yamaha's reputation and I've known people who've owned them. Best is to give it a try, but take someone who knows guitars with you so that he or she can advise.
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