Guitar Hero

Hi, does anyone know where i can buy a guitar for guitar hero ? I've got guitar hero 2 but with no guitar. I want to spend about £20-£35 probably.


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Forgot to mention for Xbox 360

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Anyone ?

Haven't seen the guitar on it's own yet.
GHIII is out soon with a wireless guitar and I expect the guitar will be sold on it's own too.

On a similar note I plan on getting GHIII with the guitar - anyone know where you can get GHII without the guitar?

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If not where's the cheapest for a bundle for Guitar Hero 2;Game&Guitar ?

Can't understand why they didn't release the guitar for sale seperately :-(

Don't they understand real rock stars don't play with them selves they always play with others :-D

Buying the guitar package twice and haviing two games is just silly. 2 guitars and game package would have been a better option
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