Guitar Hero 2 Xbox 360, anywhere in stock?

    Does anyone know of any places that actually have this game? have looked all over and on ebay pre owned ones are selling for 70+

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    Bundle pack available from 7th May so you got about a week to wait to get it,if its not in stock many places as you requesting here than its no wonder used ones go on ebay for around actual retail price.
    I no idea if you just requesting game on its own or a bundle pack plus I don't know much about XBox 360!
    If your buying from ChoicesUK and have Quidco go through them for 5% cashback.…103

    here too but with about 14 days for delivery,costing a little more but they giving away some strap or other if thats worth having for the bit more?

    None anywhere! Including highstreet stores. I've been looking for days and no luck! If anyone finds any from an online retailer for a reasonable price (~£60) please post it up!

    Says could be over 14 days! In my experience that could be 2 months! Want one that says "in stock" please! Thanx for reply.

    Yeh true sometimes you get told a week for delivery and it drags on past that,in that case you can always order,if you find sooner,you can just cancel the order.
    I looked a few sites that tries to give you best possible price on comp games and its nowhere to be found.…spx

    within 24 hrs but a few quid more than ChoicesUK

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    but is that site legit? never heard before, looks a bit cheap n tacky

    I've bought from them before and a few friends of mine have too and I have seen it mentioned on here a few times,do another post asking for advice on it.
    There been loads of legit sites that I've had problems with its hit or miss.

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    any other places?


    Microsoft Guitar Hero 2 on 360
    None in stock

    We got ours last Saturday instore @ Currys for £59.99.
    We first went to pcworld who sell it at the same price - they didn't have it instock, but can check stock levels of other stores including Currys.
    The currys we got it from didn't have it on display, but found them out the back.
    Maybe worth a visit to your local?

    I got mine from Currys too. I just wandered in about a week after it had been released.

    Blockbuster are selling for £59.99

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    cant find it on blockbusters website


    cant find it on blockbusters website

    Don't think they advertise much gaming stuff on their site, just phone your local shop and see if they have any stock

    Seen one go for £80 on ebay plus £10 postage on top of that

    yes i can confirm blockbuster has them for 59.99
    as i got one yesterday

    just call your local stores a call to see if they have them

    One sold on ebay tonight for £92...WTF

    Think I may sell mine if they are going for this much as my 360 is currenty at the repair centre being fixed after getting the ring of death



    softuk have it for £57.99

    Not in stock tho


    Dabs4work £65 Deliverd

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    currys and pc world websites dont list it :s

    i heard the only reason the game is not in stock is because of the whammy bar problem found on some guitars and so they are working on a problem to fix it, as some of the 360's which had the update to guitar hero 2 kinda went a bit fooked, thats what i got told from a gamestation member of staff.:thumbsup:

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    no, its simply sold out everywhere, ive played on 3 friends GH2's and all worked fine


    Appears to be in stock here. Not cheap though.

    Isn't it low in stock because of the ridiculous amount of dodgy guitars that were sent out on release?


    Isn't it low in stock because of the ridiculous amount of dodgy guitars … Isn't it low in stock because of the ridiculous amount of dodgy guitars that were sent out on release?

    The faulty whammy bar issue had only affected 2 model numbers of guitars, my guitar was has the same batch number from the ones that were affected but never had any problems with mine and even donloaded the patch from xbox live.

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    anywhere else?
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