Guitar Hero 3 ?? Help?

    any good? worth buying? 1 player/2 player ? difficult? looking to buy for a 8 yr old a 10 yr old and a 15 yr old.


    It is very very enjoyable! ranges for a variety of skill levels - easy difficulty is pretty basic and most people able to follow a rhythm or just on screen display will be able to handle it. the progression through the difficulties can be challenging but you'll probably find yourself getting better rather quickly as it's so addictive. the kind of game that's really worth the money too as you can just pick up and play in short bursts so you get continued use out of it and great fun when friends are round as well! i've had mine since maybe around christmas time and havn't regretted buying it once, considering it is quite expensive. only problem i've had is that now and then my buttons seem a little un-responsive, like they've had to much use or are getting sticky. can be a little irritating when you're really getting into it and the note u want to hit just wont work. also i think the 360 version has the capability of the guitar being used for rock band - a similar game coming out soon with drumming and singing capabilities too. was a big hit in America and i'm sure would be great for a family with kids. hope that's helpful!

    Yep worth buying,I bought my partner it for Xmas.

    oh yeh, and if they're particularly into the music in the game it's especially fun playing along, get a real sense of involvement as if you're actually playing it...well i do anyway :oops:
    guitar hero 2 has a good selection too, worth getting if you end up enjoying 3.

    It's alright, but can get boring very quickly. At the end of the day it's very much a one trick pony, youy'll either love it or hate it.

    Easy is fine to play. Expert is nearly impossible, and much harder than playing the songs for real.

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    fantastic! thanks to everyone for the input!

    I love this game, all my friends that play it love it as well. Unless they actually play the guitar, in which case they get threatened by it and get all upset. ha!

    Its a great game im 26 and it took me a cuople of games to get my fingering right.Easy is once you get the hang of it pretty easy but then the gulf between easy and medium is a annoying.I was getting 5 stars 100% notes hit but then went to medium and cant get past the last level.But a very enjoyable game online also.
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