Guitar hero 3 ps2 batteries?

    Hello, Im thinking of getting guitar hero 3 on the ps2 as it is cheap at the mo, but have been put off a bit by reviews of it that say the batteries die very quickly. Does anyone have experience of guitar hero 3 on the ps2? do the batteries die quickly? should i just save up for world tour on the wii?


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    Not sure about PS2, but my batteries in my Xbox 360 version are still going after a few months?

    :? First I've heard of that.

    I got it on PS3 - bought it probably well over a year-18 months ago and I've yet to change the batteries that came with it. (2XAA)

    I have GH3 for the Xbox360 and rarely have to change batteries, just have a pair of ni-mh AA batteries I change over from time to time.


    I've not heard of that either but you could always consider investing in a battery charger - I've found GH3 (on PS3) dangerously addictive so it might be a wise investment! There's a few deals posted on here, if you only want 2xAA, there's this little number for £4.99:…mAh

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    thanks for all your posts guys:thumbsup: have some rep

    Mine is still running strong on the batteries it came with after over a year of use

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