guitar hero 3 with guitar for wii or xbob360

    I've got a 360 and a wii, and I've fancied this for a while...does anybody know who's doing the best deal at the moment?




    tesco instore xbox - £45 wii £55 ps3 £45 - in the bradford store but may be nationwide.....

    How can they justify the Wii version being more expensive, i mean, you have to plug in a £25 controller to make it do the job....there is only a few buttons to it.....
    AND the wii version had some problem with only having mono sound didnt it, although im not sure if they have now fixed this.

    That said im looking forward to it coming right down in price (Pfffttt) or im feeling pretty flush


    xbob? lol

    im sure iv seen it for £45 on the 360 at zavvi

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    I think I might have got ripped off, paid 60 notes for the wii version in Tesco, I called them earlier to see if they had the x-box version in stock and they said that they had 3 in stock - so I tootled along with my £45, only to be told that they didnt have any xbox versions left, but they did have the wii one in, the cash was burning a hole in my pocket so I purchased..£15 worse off but I must admit the game is worth every penny, just as i thought!!
    If only I could unlock Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols :-)

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    xbob? lol

    they didn't have any xbob versions either:-D
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