Guitar Hero 3 - Xbox 360 (Controller/Game.. Best Price?)


After learning the GH3 Guitar works with the upcoming Rock Band, I'm looking to jump on the bandwagon and buy Guitar Hero 3 (With Wireless Controller) for the Xbox 360 .

Best price I've found so far:
Play.com - £59.99 (Using £5 off £50 Voucher)

Anyone know of a better deal?


im looking for it too...

when an what is rock band?

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Coming here early next year, its by the Guitar Hero developers, you can sing and play drums in addition to guitar.

could try sainsburys, ring up your local store and see if they have the game and guitar, because they have 20% off all cds, dvds & games until sunday

yeah go with sainburies works out at 51 something at the moment there

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Nice option, but doesn't really work out well for me
I'll look into it more, but would still like to know of a good online deal prefferably

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We are allowed to bump right?
I knew I should of pre-ordered this game, hah, someone must know of a cheap online deal.. surely.

If it helps, just got back from my local Tesco, and they ave it for £44.96 - didn't have the controller with it as the box was in a clear security box, but asked at Customer Services and they said the wireless guitar WAS INCLUDED.


probably wrong, its £65 for the bundle on tesco website
most likely is the solo version is 45 (no guitar) and asking at the till if the guitar came with it, they would say yes as most buy the bundle. but, prove me wrong!
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