guitar hero band hero whats it worth???

    hi guys, i want to sell my guitar hero for the ps3, comes with the guitar and game, game has been played once!!! i still have the box for the guitar, how much should i be asking for it please?? obviously i know i cant list it on here for 7 days as i have asked this question


    brand new's £30 for the, not a lot!

    Probably best trying to flog it to a mate, ie no delivery costs.

    look to see if it is more profitable selling seperately, someone may only need a repalcement guitar and be put off by the fact that they have to pay for a game they may already have.

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    i didnt realise they was that cheap now i got mine as a bundle with my ps3 but thought they was worth a bit more than that! might aswell keep it instead, im sure my 6 yr old will get the hang of it sometime in the future!

    about red, red, yellow, blue, blue blue , blue green


    about red, red, yellow, blue, blue blue , blue green

    I was thinking strum, strum, whammy.
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