Guitar Hero Controller won't sync with Xbox Slim

Found 20th Oct 2012
Hey guys, I have an Xbox 360 slim and I'm having alot of difficulty syncing the GH: WoR wireless controller to the system.

I've heard there are issues with connecting them to the slim version of the console, but I can't find any fixes online. Any one have any ideas please?

I have been using the sync buttons on both the controller and the console but the xbox light on the guitar just carries on flashing indefinitely.

Thanks for any help you can provide guys.
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Have you put working batteries in the controller?
Are you holding in the sync button on the guitar?
Only advice I could say is.

Put new batteries in.
Turn xbox off at wall. n back on.
Press, not hold sync buttons at the exact same time and keep controller close to xbox when syncing
@Chiptivo - Yep, two sets of batteries

@Greatest666 - I've tried both holding and just pressing

@DylanJB100 - Just tried what you've said, the xbox stops searching and the controller just continually flashes

Thanks for the advice though guys, maybe it's just a naff guitar.
Thanks for the help guys, I tried it out on an old 360 and it didn't work then so it's been returned. The whole guitar was a bit broken tbh so I think a new one is in order.
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