Guitar Hero Drums vs Rock Band Drums - opinions

    Hey all,

    I'm going to post in the next few days looking for one of the above - and had a few questions before I did so......

    First and foremost: in their current hardware versions which are better.?

    Also, availibility and cost.
    Not sure on cost but i'm only likely to get the GH:WT ones from somebody that wants to split their own bundle right?

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.


    I would chose the GH drums becasue:
    They have 5 pads and pedal opposed to 4 pads and a pedal.
    The cymbals are raised for a more realistic experience.
    The build quality of the pads is slightly better and make less noise than the RB drums. Feel better to hit.
    The foot pedal can be positioned wherever you want it, not limited to the rails as on the RB drums.

    The bad points of the GH drums:
    The stand is slightly less sturdy than the RB drums (but the extra bars on the RB drums restrict pedal placement).
    The pedal build is not as good, there can be some sideways movement.

    However, the negative points aren't so substantial that they will prevent you playing well. I just wanted to state that there were some negatives.

    Original Poster

    thanks man. you any idea how much i'm likely to get the GH kit for?

    just need to ensure i a) have enough in paypal, or b) pick something suitable to offer as a trade.

    There is currently no plan on releasing the GH:WT drums on their own in the UK. The only way you'll get them is either by buying the complete band set new for around £125 plus postage or second hand off ebay for around the 80 90 mark.

    The rock band drums imo are a much better build quality. Yep, the GH set has cymbals but I found them fairly unresponsive. The bass pedal for GH is also awful and is next to useless if your not on carpetted floor (i.e. wooden floors) as it slides too easily.

    Also, most importantly, what format are you getting them on. On the xbox 360, both kits are compatbile with both games. However, on the PS3 version, the GH:WT drums do not work on rock band.

    Full compatibility matrix

    Hope that helps

    Personally, I actually prefer the Rock band kit and I've got both (Wii version for GH, rockband for 360).

    I appreciate that the RB kit doesn't come with cymbals but its far better build quality. I find the GH one less sensitive so you really have to clobber it to register a hit, especially with the cymbals.
    The pedal with the RB can be moved whereever you want, you don't have to put it on the rails but its useful at times. I use both kits on a wooden floor and the GH pedal is practically unusable as it slides on the floor; not the case with the RB one as I do attached to rails. GH is ok on carpet though although it does have a habit of moving during fast bass "riffs".

    Not sure what format your running on either but with the PS3, the GH kit does not work on the original rock band.

    Both ktis imo are layed out badly (I used to play drums so could be just habits). The GH has the cymbals which is good but the middle pad is no mans land as you'd never ever put a drum there. RB has no cymbals so thats bad but the 2 middle pads are correctly possitioned for tom tom drums.
    Personally, I'd opt for the rock band kit. Its cheaper as you can buy it stand alone band new for about £60 plus just feels more natural imo.

    Not sure which is better than the other, but i've just got the portable Rock Band kit from a deal posted on here the other day -- £25 from Tesco direct - I've had a go on them and they seem pretty good, you just set them up on a table top and off you go; I have found that they respond much better if you are seated higher than the pads - so sat on the sofa with the pads on a coffee table doesn't really work out well - but they'll do for me! - Work fine with GHWT too!…spx

    ROCK BAND i had to return my wii drums as the whole set as they werent working

    Original Poster

    Thanks all. Its on 360 so will have a think about what i'd like to do.

    Grim, thrown some rep your way. thanks again

    I have owned them all, I had 2 different sets of guitar hero drums thinking that they were faulty, but apparently, they werent, not trying to boast, just to give an idea, I play on expert level, and noticed the difference immediately, whereas a friend who had just started off didnt think his had a fault with them, he just thought that he was missing notes, if the GH ones worked they would be the better kit, albeit slightly dodgy pedal, but to my experience I have yet to find one out of 5 sets which do actually work properly, all bought at different times, rock band kit as is mentioned above, pedal is better but prone to snapping in the middle, I was on my second set and there are actually 2 or 3 diffferent models the EL model, the QM model, and the SL model the EL were the originals, you can tell by reading the serial number, if they will let you, the QM has a slightly modified design. and is the better kit, but the SL is recently released assuming they will be better still, anyway, I have just bought myself the rock band 2 premium drum kit, which doubles as an actual electronic drum kit, and to be hoenst these are better than them all by far, but I woudlnt recommend wasting the money on these until you know you like it and for that purpose I would buy the Rock Band kit.

    Hope this helps ... lol .. I think i almost bored myself....

    Original Poster

    hmmm. another Rock band thumbs up.

    Think i might try these then. now i just gotta find me a good quality working set on the cheap lol.

    I play on GHWT drum kit on expert. I've got it on PS3 and mine work fine. Fair do's - you gotta clout them to register hits, but that makes it all the more enjoyable imo. The build quality is great, nice design with the 3 drums and 2 (higher up) cymbals, kick pedal feels good - and they are quieter than the Rock Band drums.

    I got the Rock Band drums for Xbox 360 and I'm not impressed with them, alot like the Rock Band guitar they feel a bit cheap and tacky.

    If you go the GHWT route good luck getting the drums as separates. People are gonna charge you an arm and a leg for them. The Rock Band drums are cheaper and easier to acquire from what I've seen.

    I also prefer the actual GHWT game to Rock Band - but that's just my personal preference. They're both rather similar.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the opinions guys.

    Spoke to one of the chaps in work and turns out he doesn't use his kit anymore.

    It's a rock band set, but i think it might be an earlier model, but at £15 who cares.

    If i like it i can upgrade to rockband2 kit when it hits the shelves here.
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