Found 22nd May 2006
Does anyone know where I can get Guitar Hero for PS2 for under £50??
Play had it for £39.99 but have put it up!!
Or does anyone know where I can get it with a money off voucher???

My soon to be 12 yr old son wants it for his birthday but I think 50 quid is a bit too much!!!!!!

Thanks in advance!!


Welcome to HUKD lafolie. I'll have a look for you, but no promises as yet...!

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Thanks! I often read these boards but have never posted till now!!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

Nope...seems to be around £50 everywhere. When is his birthday? If you can wait a while it may be reduced somewhere...

There is one for £47 on [color=blue]eBay.Co.UK[/color], but for the sake of a few quid, you'd be better getting from a proper retailer...

Sendit have it for £44.49, a bit cheaper…020

If you get a dvd trial from lovefilm (only if you haven't had one through them before), I believe you can get 2 £10 vouchers from them, there's a discussion on another one of the boards for fill info, Emma knows about it as she read the T&Cs and pointed out it was 2 £10 vouchers. Which will make it a tenner cheaper......which is nice!


Get it for £46.89p Go through QuidCo.Com for cashback or use the direct link below.

Guitar Hero PS2 at TheHut.Com

Use discount code: shinynewsite for 10% off to get the above price.

Oh even better T8RSP Use QuidCo.Com for cashback from SendIT.Com if you haven't got a voucher.

Oh yes! [url][/url] it up baby! Forgot about that! *hangs his head in shame*

Good hunting guys.

At however:

Stock Pending,Normally re-stocked in 1-4 Weeks

So may not get there in time for his birthday.

P.S. Rayman - I don't think the shinynewsite code for works any more. Because the site is still shiny, but it's not so new any more...!

P.S. Rayman - I don't think the shinynewsite code for works … P.S. Rayman - I don't think the shinynewsite code for works any more. Because the site is still shiny, but it's not so new any more...!

Ah but it does

Well spotted on the foxy delay


It is in stock at Gameseek for £44.97
Don't forget to use the Quidco link.

THE CODE DOES WORK!! I was sure I tried that a few weeks ago and it didn't... D'oH!


It is in stock at Gameseek for £44.97Don't forget to use the Quidco link.

But it is over £50 including delivery...

:oops: oops I thought that was the total price :oops:

:oops: Oops I forgot to add the P&P. It is £1.99 extra, making a total of £46.96. Then £1.34 cash back from Quidco.

I think for gameseek, shipping is £5.99, therefore making that a total of £50.96. Well, that's what happens when I put it in my basket, and select UK mainland postage.

I'd keep your eye on amazon before you order it anywhere else.
It kept showing as out of stock but they did keep getting small amounts of the game in and I was able to order it for £39.99 with free p+p

I've just read an e-mail from Gameplay stating they have a Pay Day Sale on Friday from 9am where they have Guitar Hero for the PS2 for £39.99! P&P is free if you choose Second class, or 99p for First class. I can forward the e-mail to anyone who wants it if need be.


Will the offer be open to everyone on the website on Friday? I can't see any details of it on their website...

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[size=6]THANK YOU!![/size]

Mahoosive thanks to everyone who took the time to help me on this!

I have just been to Gameplay and it is £39.99 so have ordered it!!

His birthday is on June 10th and he'll be 12! He can play guitar brilliantly but *had* to have this cos one of his friends has it!!!!!! LOL

Thanks soooooooo much everyone!!! XX
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

As lafolie said, you can actually buy it now for the golden price of £39.99! I should have checked before I posted, but it was way after my bed time!

Suppose I should put this in hot deals then...!

Your choice Emma! You're the gaffer! You'll get blamed either way!
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