Guitar Hero for the DS!!!!!!

Look what I just found!


Original Poster Supermod

Thank you. As you can see, I was struggling with the links!

Obviously a few people know about this..but I certainly didnt!

if you want to sell it, you got to shift it. this is old news btw

Good on you, I don't care if it's old news as not everyone - like some - can catch or find every thread. I had a GAME pre-order of this for my little sister which is like 2 months old now.

Price is £37.99 at GAME, your post help me realize the price which is a good one.

Thanx very much OP

Also props to the other thread OP titchimp, and dandoc2 for the £29.99 tip-off

Good work all round :thumbsup:

Great Find ;-)
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