Guitar Hero for the Nintendo Wii

    Righto...who has this game then?

    I just got it today and have just finished playing after pretty much 5 hours non-stop! My hand now feels numb, lol
    I managed to complete on easy tho! :thumbsup:
    Does multi-player work? I tried it but it couldn't find anyone...

    What is everyone opinion on the game?? I absolutely love it!!!


    i love it didnt think i would
    gt it for really cheap on here for a bargain
    pleae note though that this is in mono though and the makers are out to replace those that have bought it- next year

    Original Poster

    TBH I didn't even notice the mono! I dunno what people are complaining about! Still, doesn't affect its performance! :thumbsup:

    You should get guitar hero 2 on the 360 - more fun imo

    Some of my friends have been telling me about Guitar Hero for a while and when I noticed the third installment had recently been released on the 360 and it had a wireless guitar instead of the standard wires, I thought, why not.

    All my other friends and family all thought that I was stupid for buying the game and said I'm damaging my street cred but after I convinced them to have a go on it, I couldn't get them off it. lol

    I haven't played it too much but I'm nearly perfect on medium but some of my friends that play it regularily are brilliant on Expert setting and I can't imagine I'd ever be good enough to play it on that, it seems it's set for another world or something. :giggle:


    You should get guitar hero 2 on the 360 - more fun imo

    2 is rubbish its full of cover songs

    What special features does this have on the wi? I had guitar hero 1 & 2 on the ps2 and completed it no problem on easy but found it really hard even on medium. I play real guitar as well but it's not much help lol

    i have it on the 360 (GH3) its good! Now going through medium diff and online is super!!!
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