Guitar hero for the wii. Could somebody please help?? Thanks

    Ok I've heard that this game is really good but I've never actually seen anybody play on it or have ago myself so I'm looking for some help. I'm thinking of buying it.
    I've seen these on hmv but I'm a bit confused by whats available. Whats the difference between these two? (link on next post) They both come with guitars dont they? So why the price difference and which one is better?
    Thanks guys!


    One is GH:3 and the other is the latest offering, GH:World Tour. The guitar in World Tour is better, being larger (more life-size) and also having a touch-sensitive pad for cool extra bits. However, if you want to get it to see if you like it GH3 is a great game and well worth £35 :thumbsup:
    The other difference is in the music - with GH: World Tour you get new downloadable (for a fee) songs and also will be able to add other instruments such as drums, mic and bass. In GH3 you can only use guitars.
    GH3 songs:…ock

    GH:WT songs:…o_4

    Hello Beverley

    They are both good games and both come with a guitar bundled in, Guitar Hero III (legends of rock) came out late in 2007 - and is a good price at £35 delivered.

    Guitar hero world tour came out late 2008 - and does give you the option of adding the other instruments available(mic and drums), and also has a Bass playing mode on all the tracks which is played using the bundled in guitar fyi. It came with a revised guitar controller, and I must say I do like the newer guitar tbh.

    It's all down to you, I don't think there's much to choose between the two soundtrack-wise:

    ]Guitar hero III tracklisting

    ]Guitar Hero World Tour tracklisting

    The tracklistings also show you the songs available to each one as a paid for/free download.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys. Gona go for the World Tour one.
    Rep for you both.
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