Guitar Hero IV Drums Only PS3 - estimated cost?

    Yeah, I know, another how much is this worth question!

    Guy I know is selling drums only in excellent condition, but is looking for £80 collected - which I reckon is kinda pricey?!

    Any thoughts?


    Full band set costs £127 at Asda.

    Better to buy one and sell off all the other components maybe.

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    The Mrs would murder me, mate!:w00t:

    Looks like your over a barrel then.

    £80 is steep for the drums alone though, look at it this way: if you owned and were gonna sell your GHWT drum kit you'd wanna make as much profit as possible.

    Can have my used set for £100 if you like :lol:

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    ...let me think about that. :lol:

    Is it really good fun with the drums, Rob?


    ...let me think about that. :lol:Is it really good fun with the drums, … ...let me think about that. :lol:Is it really good fun with the drums, Rob?

    I love it, afterwards I smile like I slept with a coat hanger in my mouth.

    You have to put in some major practise time because it's really hard at first - and that's if you go the easy/medium route first of all. Great if your central heating is dodgy too, feel really hot afterwards(serious).

    Not only is it great fun but the set is really well made, I'm heavy handed and leather my drum kit like a punchbag.

    Many people get hacked off and give up tho...

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    Cheers for the advice mate, rep coming your way (when it lets me)
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