Guitar Hero On Tour DS, can you unlock more songs and will it have the same songs as the Wii version?

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Found 14th Sep 2008
I just got the DS version of Guitar Hero, and am really enjoying it - 97% and just over 60000 points on my first go, and I don't even play the guitar, was very pleased with myself.
I was wondering if you can unlock more songs by playing well or doing tricks (?) and I was also wondering if the wii version will have the same songs - and how easy is it for a non-guitar person to play/learn.
Thank you.


the ds version only has 25 songs and you unlock them via the career

i cant comment on the wii version as i have it on ps3

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Thank you. I only have 5 songs at the mo so thought there must be more! I haven't tried career yet, only practice, I'll try that next. On your ps3, was it easy to learn?

to be fair i suck at both ds and ps3 version but yeah if i practice it will become easy i improved vastly in one or two turns

its mainly for me gf who loves it im more a shooter game fan
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