guitar hero or band in a box?

    thinking of getting guitar hero but then saw they also had band in a box, having never played either game is there much difference between them? i have read that the build quality on the guitar hero is poor, also read the drum build quality on band in a box is poor too. any recommendations.


    just get which ever you can get cheapest. both will replace any breakages free of charge if you're worried about build quality.
    i've got rock band drums, GH guitar and Singstar mics. all work fine and never had a problem.

    I'm in the same boat (Wii), but I have read the opposite, the band guitar isn't the best and GH is much better so i am going for GH.

    If you go for Rock Band check out the offer of around £55.…-44

    I also think the software is better for the GH as there seems much more variation.
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