Guitar Hero or Rock band Drums?

Hi i want to get the drums for GHWT or RB but I have heard the GH drums are much better but they cost £80 whereas you can get rock band band in a box for £60 in pc world which includes mic guitar and drums. I dont mind about the game as theyre bought seperately and are compatible with both, its just the drums i want. BTW i have a ps3.
I am learning real drums as well and i think this would help me too. The gh drums are also supposed to be quite realistic but for that price I could get a real electric drum kit off ebay.
I dont know what to get.
After all, to get the GH drums it will cost me £100 inc game for a ps3 game so i dont know if its too expensive
Any comments will be appreciated.


The guitar hero drums are a much better layout and closer to real drumming. I have both and prefer the guitar hero drums, however the Rock Band drums are more reliable. My guitar hero drums are really unresponsive and in my opinion an inferior build quality.

In short GH drums, but bring them back and get them replaced if they are shiteee as mine.

My friend got a real drumkit and I have found the skills are transferable but I've picked up bad habits from GH and RB.

i have the GH drums and havent had any problems.

I think if you have the RB drums that you cannot play fully with GHWT as RB drums only have 4+1 inputs where as the GH has 5+1

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Thanks guys but ive decided im going to get a real electronic drum kit as its probably more worthwile and better, does anyone know if the cheap ones on ebay are any good? eg ION iED01 Electronic Drumkit or similar, I want an electronic one because i need to use headphones or keep volume down.
thanks for the help anyway
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