Guitar Hero Or Rock Band Xbox 360

    Just ordered a guitar for xbox 360 for £9.99 and it supports both rock band and guitar hero games !

    Im just wondering if anyone has noticed any cheap or good deals on them 2 games any one ??

    And if anyone has any idea which one is better



    Rockband 1 and 2 seem to have held there prices quite high. PC World have the first one for £20 collect in store if you can find it in stock. Next xheapest is £26.99 with or a pound more at shopto.

    Rockband 2 is still going for nearly £40 everywhere with Shopto the cheapest I have seen at £38.

    GHWT is cheapest at for £25.

    Of the 3 I would reccomend going for Rock Band first, it is slightly easier I think. If you like it you can always get Rock Band 2 at a later date when the price falls, plus you can import all the songs from Rock Band 1 into Rock Band 2 for 400 ms points. IMO songs on GHWT aren't as good but that is of course down to personal taste.

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    Thanks for info matee , appreciated !

    u can pick up gh aerosmith from game for £15 i got it the other day and its superb!!!

    We just bought GH Aerosmith including the guitar in Gamestation for £24.99, not that cheap as you already have a guitar unless you fancy playing cooperatively. My kids have had a blast - one on bass and one on lead guitar.
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